Our ChiDog Promise

Behind the Chi

East meets West.
Vets and Animal Lovers Unite.

Dr. Susan Bohrer

A practicing veterinarian for 14 years. Certified in veterinary acupuncture, Susan began practicing integrative medicine alongside her husband Dr. Chris Berg at their practice. Eating a clean diet has always been important to her and she took the Chinese Medicine Food Therapy course as a way to find an alternative to the processed dog foods for her pets as well as for her patients. The improvements she saw in them changed the way she practiced medicine. Today, Susan practices and talks about Food Therapy to her clients. She has a metal dog, Blueberry, and and a little fire dog, Pip, that keep her busy!

Dr. Chris Berg

A small animal practice owner and a veterinarian for 16 years. Chris practices Western Medicine and has enjoyed caring for dogs and cats through their lives. He has seen the serious effects of obesity, diabetes, chronic diseases and cancer in his patients throughout his career. After witnessing the positive effects that Susan was achieving, he decided this was an avenue that he should understand and encourage. Chris has a Water dog, Piglet, that loves to be at work with him, greeting the dogs that come into the treatment room.

Laurie Hatfield and Niki

Laurie brought Niki to us a very sick pup and we immediately recommended Nikki get on a natural food diet in tandem with traditional treatments. And as a result, she took our advice to heart and Niki’s health improved dramatically. While Niki was on the road to recovery, we invited Laurie to partner with us to share the healing power of food therapy with dog lovers everywhere. Laurie is a food and service industry expert and has a successful 30 year history developing, owning and operating numerous internationally recognized restaurants. In addition to her legacy preparing food for people, Laurie is now focused on bringing fresh, healthy life giving foods to your dog. Niki is our Chi Dog because her success has made all the difference.

Why ChiDog?

Because your dog deserves the best food to maintain optimum health and vitality, delivered biweekly to your door!

ChiDog is a different kind of fresh food. Not only is it prepared with fresh human grade meats, fresh veggies and whole grains, but it’s made to nourish each dog’s personal Element. Based on Eastern Medicine philosophies, ChiDog’s founders are practicing veterinarians who have seen the positive benefits that personalized Food Therapy can have on our cherished four-legged family members.

We are united in our mission to give your dog the very best food, for their very best life!