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Our Ethos

We are united in our mission to give your dog the very best food, for their very best life!

ChiDog is a different kind of fresh food. Not only is it prepared with fresh human grade meats, fresh veggies and whole grains, but it’s made to nourish each dog’s personal Element. Based on Eastern Medicine philosophies, ChiDog’s founders are practicing veterinarians who have seen the positive benefits that personalized Food Therapy can have on our cherished four-legged family members.

5 Thoughtfully Crafted Recipes Made with Love by Veterinarians

Veterinarian Owned

We’re passionate about pets!

Dr. Susan Bohrer

Dr. Susan Bohrer

DVM, CVA, Certified Veterinary Food Therapist

Dr. Susan Bohrer has been a practicing veterinarian for 15 years teaching home cooking techniques to clients. Dr. Bohrer is Certified in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine’s Herbal Therapy, Acupuncture and Food Therapy.

After seeing the benefit of Food Therapy and using real, whole food ingredients in dogs’ diets for years, Dr. Bohrer decided to formulate cooked, balanced meals with therapeutic and preventative benefits and Chi Dog began!

Dr. Bohrer provides an integrative approach to diet and nutrition for dogs supported by her holistically formulated Chi Dog meals, because Food is the First Medicine!

Dr. Chris Berg

Dr. Chris Berg


A small animal practice owner and a veterinarian for 16 years. Dr. Berg practices Western Medicine and has enjoyed caring for dogs and cats through their lives.

He has seen the serious effects of obesity, diabetes, chronic diseases and cancer in his patients throughout his career. After witnessing the positive effects that Dr. Bohrer was achieving, he decided this was an avenue that he should understand and encourage.

Dr. Berg has a Water dog, Piglet, that loves to be at work with him, greeting the dogs that come into the treatment room.

Food is the First Medicine

Nutritionist Formulated and Approved

Dr. Edward Moser

Diplomate ACVN, Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist

Dr. Moser is an expert resource on the natural feeding of pets. Dr. Moser is an integral part of our team aiding in the nutritional analysis of our diets as well as helping us to meet and exceed AAFCO regulations and consult on individual cases

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