8 Week Home Cooking Challenge to Improve Skin Allergies

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us to have a Beautiful Coat we need Beautiful Blood- that means a body well nourished with Whole Food. Take our 8 week home cooking challenge and see your dog’s skin become less red and dry.  See the coat improve in softness, hydration and vibrancy of colors.  Skin improvements are one […]

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Eastern Medicine Philosophy

By: Susan Bohrer DVM, CVA, Certified in Food Therapy   “Where there is poor nutrition, there will be disease”   As a veterinarian, I see a lot of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, obesity and skin conditions in dogs.  I practice Eastern and Western integrated medicine in my practice and Eastern Medicine places a […]

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The Case Against Kibble

By: Susan Bohrer DVM, CVA, Certified in Food Therapy   I have been using Food Therapy, which is feeding specific fresh foods to dogs and cats, for the last 3 years of my 14 years as a veterinarian.   Changing my patients to fresh food has been the single greatest improvement in their health I have […]

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Fresh Food Was the Best Prescription for These Dogs

One of the motivators to create Chi Dog came on a routine office call for vaccines.  When I saw her dogs I thought we have to do something for these dogs’ obesity.  I was talking with an owner of these 2 pit bulls whom she loved very much.  They were both middle-aged and overweight with dry, […]

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Chi Dog Launches

Chi Dog introduces fresh, whole-food recipes centered around Eastern Medicine philosophy and healing food therapy practices, customized to your dog’s personal Chi element. The First Veterinarian-Owned, Personalized Fresh-Food Delivery Brand made to Improve your Dog’s Health Claremont, CA, November 1st, 2018 – Founders Dr. Susan Bohrer and Dr. Chris Berg are excited to announce the […]

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