Understanding the Five Energies of TCVM…Part 3…Chinese Pattern

CHINESE PATTERN DIAGNOSIS IN ACTION  A 2-year-old Male English bulldog presents with itchy, smelly, painful ears. Upon examination we see red inflamed ears with a gooey discharge. In western medicine we identify this as an ear infection and treat with antibiotics/antifungals and anti- inflammatory pharmaceuticals. The goal is to destroy the infectious agent. This will […]

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Understanding the Five Energies of TCVM…Part 2…A Chinese Pattern

  A CHINESE PATTERN DIAGNOSIS  Part of how I assess and diagnose a pet is by performing a Chinese Pattern Diagnosis. This TCVM approach is made up of the Five Element Theory (see inset) plus the Eight Principles. They are divided into: The “Where” which is determined using the Five Elements and Zang Fu Physiology, […]

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Understanding the Five Energies of TCVM…Part 1… The Elements

UNDERSTANDING THE FIVE ENERGIES OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE  Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine is based on a core belief in balance. TCVM practitioners believe that everything in the universe, including the body, has two opposite aspects called Yin and Yang. This balance has everything to do with overall health. As the Huang Di Nei Jing says, […]

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Yin, Yang and more…Part 2

So, what does it all mean and how does all of this factor into my approach to veterinary care? Back to my candle analogy….. I don’t want your dog’s flame to extinguish when there is still wax in the candle to be burned. These dogs die too early, when they could have enjoyed much more […]

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Yin, Yang and more…Part 1

In Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), in order to understand health, illness, diagnosing and treating diseases, Yin and Yang are the foundation. Because of Yin and Yang’s interconnectivity, illness is understood as the imbalance of Yin and Yang. Remember from my last blog post, Ideal health is created in balance… living more towards the middle […]

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Chinese Medicine and your Dog

When I was asked to write a blog series on Integrative Veterinary Care (the intersection between standard veterinary practice and a more holistic “alternative medicine” approach to veterinary medicine) I immediately knew what I would like to accomplish. I would like to encourage, empower and equip you with additional (practical) options that will help your […]

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