Using Food as Medicine…Part 4

CONSTRUCTING A BALANCED, CUSTOMIZED DIET BASED ON TCVM PRINCIPLES  Generally speaking, the best nutrition for our pets — just like for our human family members — requires us to feed them wholesome foods. Typically, the more hands that touch food items, the less nutritional value they have. As stated, foods have different qualities. They can […]

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Using Food as Medicine…Part 3

IDEAL FOOD FOR FIDO  There is no one diet that is appropriate for all dogs, for their entire lives an one diet will never, in any way, be specific enough for dogs with individual needs. That’s why I hate to hear pet experts and veterinarians recommending dry kibble dog food for their patients. While they […]

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Using Food as Medicine…Part 2

Essentially, kibble is fast food for our pets. It is not smart to make it your dog’s lifetime, day in, day out meal. We live in a fast food nation of overfed and undernourished people, commercial kibble only guarantees the minimum daily requirements of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Just like the fast food […]

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Using Food as Medicine…Part 1

So, a quick recap….. Nutrition is the Centerpiece of Good Health. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. The same goes for our pets, which is why I’ve dedicated an entire series in this blog to using Food as medicine. We really are what we eat, as whatever is eaten becomes part of […]

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Fresh Food Was the Best Prescription for These Dogs

One of the motivators to create Chi Dog came on a routine office call for vaccines.  When I saw her dogs I thought we have to do something for these dogs’ obesity.  I was talking with an owner of these 2 pit bulls whom she loved very much.  They were both middle-aged and overweight with dry, […]

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