Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an Eastern Medicine Diet better than a regular diet I can find in the store?

We should all eat clean foods: that means unprocessed, high quality real food.

A Whole Food Diet of human grade quality is far more healthy than a processed kibble.

A Whole Food Eastern Medicine based diet goes farther to increase health and prevent disease.

We are all unique and prone to specific problems.  Our Element identifies problems most likely to arise in our life.  Eating based on our Element helps to support us as individuals and keep us balanced.

Does Chi Dog meet AAFCO standards?

Yes, our recipes were formulated by Dr. Susan Bohrer and Dr. Chris Berg based on Traditional Eastern Medicine concepts of clean eating to prevent disease.  We worked with Dr. Edward Moser, an experienced veterinary nutritionist to balance our diets and confirm they are in accordance to AAFCO recommendations.

What do you mean by “Whole Foods”?

Whole foods are actual foods, carrots, rice, ground beef etc. Chi Dog uses human grade ingredients that we would eat.

How does a fresh, lightly cooked food (like Chi Dog) compare to a raw diet?

Dogs’ wild cousins’ diet of raw meat may be better than kibble in that it is not processed but Eastern Medicine sees benefit in cooking.

Lightly cooked fresh, whole food ingredients are to better nourish. This is especially for our sick, old or young pets.

Raw meat may be fine if you are young and have a lot of “Qi”, (pronounced Chi) to digest your food. If you want to feed more gently, lightly cooked whole foods are ideal. Just as we would give a baby apple sauce and an old person soup, cooking the food brings some energy into the food to help them digest. Eastern Medicine recognizes raw foods as appropriate for a very healthy, strong patient but not good for a weaker patient.

Why are carbohydrates included in the Chi Dog diets?

Carbohydrates are in grains and plants. They are an excellent source of stored energy in out dogs’ diets.

Processed carbohydrates, which are in most if not all kibble recipes, are poor sources of nutrition while carbohydrates from whole foods as we have in Chi Dog diets, are excellent sources of energy. As any healthy person knows, a fresh pasta and veggie salad is healthy, Processed mac-n-cheese in a box is not.

That is similar to our healthy, whole food carbohydrates without processing, and the carbohydrates found in processed kibble.

My dog is allergic to some ingredients in the food that is designed for their Element, should I try it?

No one knows your dog better than you. If there is an ingredient that you think is not right for your dog, you can try another Element Diet based on ingredients you know are right for your dog.

You are welcome to email Dr. Bohrer your concerns and we will find the best food for your dog.

Regarding allergies in general, Eastern Medicine would advise that an ingredient in a clean, unprocessed whole food form may not bother your dog in the same way that it did in the processed, pro-inflammatory dog kibble.

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