Delivered weekly, fresh and straight to your door, Chi Dog food is your healthy alternative to mass-manufactured pet foods. We are so glad you have picked our prepared food for your dog. Once you have decided on your breed’s best option, you can order it here and be one step closer to pampering your pooch. For a complete list of our always fresh and hand-selected
ingredients, see our Recipes page.

Wood Dog: For the adventurous and curious go-getter, our Wood Dog blend includes pork and assorted vegetables, helping your dog keep up their energy.

Fire Dog: Sometimes defined as yappy, your Fire Dog just wants to be the center of attention. In fact, this dog demands it. We created our recipe to help your exuberant Fire Dog stay healthy and feeling well, allowing them the energy needed on a daily basis.

Earth Dog: Relaxed, lovable, lazy and loyal, these dogs seem to be content with just about anything. Our recipe for the Earth Dog is uniquely blended to keep them healthy and fit even during the laziest of days.

Metal Dog: Created for the dog that is obedient but stubborn when it doesn’t get its way, our recipe incorporates a meat and vegetable blend that we’re sure they will love.

Water Dog: We have created a food that will help these lovable shy dogs stay happy and healthy.Because of their large size, Water Dogs require the special nutrition that can only be found in Chi Dog foods.

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