Rachel Cassell

My name is Rachel Cassell, I’m a professional Pet Groomer in Oceanside, CA; I’ve been working with dogs for over 20 years grooming, training, veterinary assisting and with dog boarding. When it comes to my own pets, just like all fur parents, I only want the best quality food for them! I have put my trust in the dog food companies in hopes that my pets receive high grade quality dog food with great nutritional value. I’ve trusted they received a diet with all their needed minerals and vitamins to help them grow and live a healthy long life.
My dog Daisy, who is a miniature Aussie-doodle has had constipation issues all her life. She has tried most of the quality dog food in the major box stores in hopes we can figure her issue out. When Laurie told me to try Chi-Dog and gave me samples to take home for a week, I thought “omg maybe it will help?” Daisy was on Chi-Dog for 3 days, and I started to notice she was straining less while going to the bathroom. After 5 days, it seemed she didn’t have to strain at all! Her stool was normal, not hard as a rock, Daisy seemed happier and showed it with running around the yard after she went! Not only did Daisy love the taste, it was clear the food was real quality, and this was missing in her body! As a pet professional and a dog mom, I will recommend Chi-Dog to all dogs.

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