Using Food as Medicine…Part 5


Many pet parents wonder if buying organic meats and vegetables for their pet is “worth it.” I have to say YES!! Of course, I believe in buying organic for ourselves and our two-legged family members as well. Buying organic is part of my commitment to “first, do no harm” by eliminating harmful chemicals from your pet’s diet. Just be sure that the food is certified organic from the FDA, so you’re not paying an inflated price for food that’s not really free of toxins, pesticides and miscellaneous chemicals. (It will say so on the label.) Buy as much food as you can afford that is certified organic.


There’s an undercurrent in the pet industry pushing pet parents towards a raw food diet as the “ultimate” in nutrition, and for good reason. Pound for pound, your dog will get more nutrition from raw beef than cooked beef… and more from cooked beef than beef-based kibble dog food. However, it’s not as simple as “Raw food is best.”

Raw foods are typically cooling so you would not want to feed it to dogs that are warm seeking or feel cool to your touch. You would not want to feed Raw foods to dogs that are very young, very old or suffer from a chronic illness, as it will be more likely they will be negatively affected from a potential contaminate.

Remember our dogs are not out hunting for fresh meat with us or even with a pack of their closest canine buddies. Even raw food products are processed to some degree and do run the risk of contamination.

In general, raw diets are more appropriate for young to middle aged healthy dogs.

“It matters not whether medicine is old or new, so long as it brings about a cure. It matters not whether theories are Eastern or Western, so long as they prove to be true” 

Please stay tuned for next weeks blog….. Using Food as Medicine…Part 6, Treating Abby’s Miserable Itchy Skin

Michel Selmer, DVM, MS, CTCVMP – “The Caring Vet”

Michel Selmer

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