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Dr. Susan Bohrer

Dr. Susan Bohrer

A practicing veterinarian for 14 years. Certified in veterinary acupuncture, Susan began practicing integrative medicine alongside her husband Dr. Chris Berg at their practice. Eating a clean diet has always been important to her and she took the Chinese Medicine Food Therapy course as a way to find an alternative to the processed dog foods for her pets as well as for her patients. The improvements she saw in them changed the way she practiced medicine. Today, Susan practices and talks about Food Therapy to her clients. She has a metal dog, Blueberry, and and a little fire dog, Pip, that keep her busy!

Hi. My name is Dr. Susan Bohrer, a certified veterinary food therapist and co-founder of Chi Dog, the first balanced, whole food TCVM based meal delivery service for dogs. Thank you for your interest in whole food canine nutrition.

We know how much it matters what we eat, so let’s use the power of Integrative Food Therapy to get dogs off processed food and onto Eastern Medicine based REAL food!

Help reduce your dog’s risk of obesity, chronic inflammatory disorders, endocrine diseases and cancer.

Proper diet is the first line of defensive in preventing disease and in many cases, curing existing conditions as well. You’ll be amazed and what a real whole food diet can do for your pet.

I am now offering YOU a FREE 30-minute personal consultation to discuss what diet options may be best for your dog’s health, addressing any conditions he or she may be currently experiencing.

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