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We use integrative medicine (the perfect balance of Eastern and Western Medicines) to improve your dog’s health through nutrition.

Wood Dog — “The Athlete”

The Wood Dog is strong, confident, competitive and outgoing. Your Wood Dog will get through a lot just on their bravery. They will be the first to bark at the mailman and will protect you in any situation. They need those long walks. They often bark and can lunge at other dogs, all in the name of protecting you. They have a brave heart, and their confidence can sometimes get them into trouble. Your Wood Dog is incredibly determined. When they set their minds to something, like protecting the yard from that squirrel, nothing will get in their way.

Fire Dog — “The Socialite”

The Fire Dog is funny and charismatic. They get so excited when you come home! They are chatty, barking/ talking a lot when someone rings the doorbell and are happy when you come inside. They love to host a party. They insist on being noticed, barking and wagging their tail until everyone is talking to them. If they are little, they will always sit on your lap. A true people-dog. They will pick a person in the family to be their soulmate and follow them diligently. How else will they assure they will be the center of your world?

Earth Dog — “The Best Friend”

The Earth Dog is your relaxed and lovable couch potato. They are easy going, friendly to other dogs and people; they especially love babies, puppies and kittens. They are incredibly loyal and are good walkers but can be slow and don’t mind if you cut the walk short. They will stay in bed if you do, but run to the kitchen as soon as they hear the food bowl move. They love to eat and might become overweight. It is possible they may have made a bad decision when they were a puppy and eaten a sock or shoe. They often have round, soulful eyes that follow you from the comfort of the sofa.

Metal Dog — “The Scholar”

The Metal Dog is your best-behaved dog. They try to follow the rules, but if they don’t agree, they may make up their own rules. They are slow to bond with other dogs and prefer to be alone. However, once they become attached, the bond is strong. They are not cuddly. They want to be with you, but they usually sit on the other chair. They will quietly watch you for cues to tell them what is their next job. They may try to correct other dogs in the house, diligently enforcing the rules. They love games and can be excellent agility or ball-chasing dogs. They can sometimes be haughty or vain, and this dog will do whatever it takes to protect the family.

Water Dog — “The Shy One”

Your Water Dog is so sweet but can be scared of their shadow sometimes. It takes a while for them to feel comfortable. Curious, but hesitant at first, they will need coaxing to meet new people. They will often be alone, quietly thinking. Although when they are nervous, they will seek comfort from you or one of the other dogs in the house. Water Dogs are often large breed, (Gentle Giant) dogs who sit on your foot to keep you nearby. However, that sweet trembling Chihuahua is also a Water Dog. The Water Dog can be found sunbathing to warm themselves, often next to the cat, (for protection.)

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Edward Moser VMD, Diplomate ACVN Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist

CHI DOG diets are formulated with abundant contribution from animal source protein and the conditionally essential amino acid taurine. [Taurine is present in animal source protein ingredients.]

The first and only fresh food for Dogs developed, operated & owned by Veterinarians


“Hi. I’m Susan Bohrer, a veterinarian and certified food therapist. I have been prescribing Food Therapy diets to patients in my hospital for years.

My partner, Dr. Berg, and I have seen more benefits from Fresh Food Therapy than any other single change we have made in our patients.

It was from the discovery of the improvement Fresh Food Therapy can make in dogs that drove us to start Chi Dog.”


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