Chi Dog
Mindfully Crafted Recipes

Personalized to your dog’s unique chi

Human Grade Meats, Fresh Vegetables and Whole Grains,
Cooked in a Kitchen and Delivered to Your Dog

Based on Eastern Medicine, our food is designed by Vets

Our 5 recipes are custom based on your dog’s Element

Our food is shipped directly to your door.

Your Dog In Their Element

We use integrative medicine (the perfect balance of Eastern and Western Medicines)
to improve your dog’s health through nutrition.

Water Dog: “The Shy One”

Your Water Dog is scared of their own shadow sometimes. It takes a while for them to feel comfortable. Curious, but fearful at first, they will need coaxing to meet new people. They can sometimes nip or bite if pushed too far, usually at the vet. They will often remain alone, quietly thinking, although when they’re nervous they will seek comfort with you or one of the other dogs in the house. Water dogs are often large breed dogs who sit on your foot to keep you nearby. The Water Dog is often sunbathing to warm themselves.

Wood Dog: “The Athlete”

The Wood Dog is strong, confident, competitive and outgoing with a brave heart. They will protect you in any situation. They’re the first to bark at the mailman or any stranger, protecting their territory. They love walks, but getting along with other dogs isn’t their strongest suit – their abundance of confidence, curiosity and strong will can sometimes get them in trouble. Your Wood Dog is incredibly determined. When they are out of balance and not getting proper nutrition, these dogs are susceptible to ear and eye infections, allergies, dermatitis, skin conditions and high blood pressure.

Fire Dog: “The Socialite”

The “people person” of the dog world, the Fire Dog is funny, charismatic, and loves to be the center of attention. They are very friendly and affectionate and insist on being noticed. Fire dogs are very “chatty”, can bark a lot and often becoming restless. They are the ones that get
overly excited when you walk through the door. But they will always be your lap dog—picking their “person” in the family as their soul mate. When they are not eating right and their system gets out of balance, they may experience heart disease, separation anxiety, inflammatory bowel disease or pancreatitis.

Earth Dog: “The Best Friend”

Earth Dogs are our relaxed and lovable friends who are easygoing and friendly to other dogs and people. Extremely loyal, they like nothing more than spending their time eating and sleeping! They will eat anything and everything and are prone to becoming
overweight. Chances are, if your dog chewed up your favorite shoes when they were a puppy, they’re an Earth Dog. They prefer short walks, or none at all, but, when you’re filling up their food bowl, they’ll come running! When they are not eating right they can experience intermittent bouts of vomiting, obesity, loss of appetite or loss of muscle mass.

Metal Dog: “The Scholar”

The Metal Dog can be the best-behaved dog unless they don’t agree with the rules you set for them. Quick learning Alpha dogs, they are slow to bond with other dogs, and prefer to be an “only child”. But, once they become attached, that bond is strong and they will do whatever it takes to protect the family. They are not cuddly, but they do love games and ball-chasing. If they sometimes seem haughty or vain, it’s because they are quietly watching you for cues to tell them what’s next. When a Metal Dog is out of balance they may experience asthma, diabetes, skin allergies or constipation.

The first and only fresh food for dogs developed, operated
& owned by Veterinarians

“I’m Susan Bohrer, a veterinarian and certified food therapist. I have been
prescribing Food Therapy diets to patients in my hospital for years.

My partner, Dr. Berg and I have seen more benefits from Fresh Food
Therapy than any other single change we have made in our patients.

It was from the discovery of the improvement Fresh Food Therapy can
make in dogs that drove us to partner with Laurie Hatfield, Restauranteur,
to start Chi Dog.

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