The Elements

Wood Dog

"The Athlete"

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Fire Dog


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Earth Dog

"The Best Friend"

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Metal Dog

"The Scholar"

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Water Dog

“The Shy One”

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Each of our recipes has been specifically designed to fit your dog’s personality and health. While we have found that each element tends to suit specific breeds of dogs, we know that may not always be the case and encourage you to discover what works best for yours.

Elements Specifications

The Wood Dog is strong, confident, competitive and outgoing. Your Wood Dog will get through a lot just on their bravery. They will be the first to bark at the mailman and will protect you in any situation. They need those long walks. They often bark and can lunge at other dogs, all in the name of protecting you. They have a brave heart, and their confidence can sometimes get them into trouble. Your Wood Dog is incredibly determined. When they set their minds to something, like protecting the yard from that squirrel, nothing will get in their way.

Wood Dog

The Athlete

Wood Dog Characteristics

  • Dominant
  • Active
  • Confident
  • Protective
  • Impatient
  • Territorial

Common Ailments in the Wood Dog

  • Ligaments problems
  • Liver problems
  • Foot pad problems
  • Ear infections
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Fire Dog

The Socialite

Fire Dog Characteristics

  • Friendly
  • Affectionate
  • Extroverted
  • Loud
  • Restless
  • Needy

Common Ailments in the Fire Dog

  • Separation anxiety
  • Heart problems
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Pancreatitis
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The "people person" of the dog world, the Fire Dog is funny, charismatic, and loves to be the center of attention. They are very friendly and affectionate and insist on being noticed. Fire dogs are very "chatty", can bark a lot and often become restless. They are the ones that get overly excited when you walk through the door. But they will always be your lap dog-picking their "person" in the family as their soul mate. When they are not eating right and their system gets out of balance, they may experience heart disease, separation anxiety, inflammatory bowel disease or pancreatitis.

Earth Dogs are our relaxed and lovable friends who are easy going and friendly to other dogs and people. Extremely loyal, they like nothing more than spending their time eating and sleeping! They will eat anything and everything and are prone to becoming overweight. Chances are, if your dog chewed up your favorite shoes when they were a puppy, they're an Earth Dog. They prefer short walks, or none at all, but, when you're filling up their food bowl, they'll come running! When they are not eating right they can experience intermittent bouts of vomiting, obesity.

Earth Dog

The Best Friend

Earth Dog Characteristics

  • Happy
  • Friendly
  • Indulgent
  • Patient
  • Loyal
  • Lazy

Common Ailments in the Earth Dog

  • Obesity
  • Intermittent Diarrhea/ Vomiting
  • Weak muscles
  • Gum Disease
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Metal Dog

The Scholar

Metal Dog Characteristics

  • Obedient
  • Disciplined
  • Intelligent
  • Good Hair Coat
  • Independent

Common Ailments in the Metal Dog

  • Breathing Disorders
  • Dry Skin
  • Nasal Problems
  • Diabetes
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The Metal Dog is your best-behaved dog. They try to follow the rules, but if they don't agree, they may make up their own rules. They are slow to bond with other dogs and prefer to be alone. However, once they become attached, the bond is strong. They are not cuddly. They want to be with you, but they usually sit on the other chair. They will quietly watch you for cues to tell them what is their next job. They may try to correct other dogs in the house, diligently enforcing the rules. They love games and can be excellent agility or ball-chasing dogs. They can sometimes be haughty or vain, and this dog will do whatever it takes to protect the family.

Often a bit of a "Scaredy Cat", it takes the Water Dog a while to become acquainted with places and people. Curious, but fearful at first, they will need coaxing to feel comfortable. They can sometimes nip or bite if things are moving too fast. They like solitude and quite thinking, although when they are nervous they will seek comfort with you or one of the other dogs in the house. Water dogs like to keep you nearby, often sitting at your feet. When out of balance, the Water Dog can experience rear weakness, bone and growth related disease, urinary incontinence, arthritis and kidney disease.

Water Dog

The Shy One

Water Dog Characteristics

  • Quiet
  • Observant
  • Loyal
  • Scared
  • Anxious

Common Ailments in the Water Dog

  • Hind leg weakness
  • Unrinary Incontinence
  • Arthritis
  • Kidney Disease
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