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integrative Food Therapy For Your Dog

  • 100% real ingredients
  • Vet-designed recipes
  • Real nutrition
  • Guided by eastern medicine
  • Made fresh
  • USDA kitchen

The Bark Around Town

3 Steps To A Healthier, Happier Dog


Introduce Us To Your Fur Baby

No one knows your dog better than you. Please share some information about your best friend so we can help with their unique dietary needs.


The Perfect Formulation

Our veterinarians have developed a short quiz to help determine the perfect formulation that will give your fur-baby their best life!


Delivered To Your Door

Every meal is cooked fresh in our human-grade USDA inspected kitchen and laboratory tested to ensure that they are free of any potentially harmful bacterial contaminants before they are delivered to you.

Healing Whole Foods For Their Best Life

Every Ingredient Has Been Carefully Selected For Its Holistic Healing Properties

Low Carbohydrate

Following holistic health principles, all meals are high protein and low carbohydrate

USDA Kitchens

Safety and quality for your dog is our top priority

Whole Food

Human-grade, unprocessed, high quality real meat and veggies in holistic recipes for your dog

Made Fresh

Lightly cooked to promote nutritional strength and allow for easier digestion

Vet Developed

To ensure optimal nutritional needs for your dog are met and exceeded (AAFCO) Dog Approved

Whole Food

Human-grade unprocessed high quality real meat and veggies in holistic recipes for your dog

Low Carbohydrate

Following holistic health principles all meals are high protein with low carbohydrate

Made Fresh

To maintain the nutritional strength and allow for easier digestion

Vet Developed

To ensure optimal nutritional needs for your dog are met and exceeded (AAFCO)

USDA Kitchens

Safety and quality of your dog is our top priority


Puppy Approved

Combining INTEGRATED Medicine with Over 32 years of Veterinarian Healing

To Give Your Furry Baby The Absolute Best

Our Story

Owned and Operated by Holistic Veterinarians

An Integrative Veterinarian, Dr. Bohrer is Certified in Traditional Chinese Food Therapy. She has been prescribing home-cooked diets to her patients for years as a clean alternative to processed dog food.

The improvements she saw in her patients were so consistent and transformational, Dr. Bohrer launched Chi Dog to offer the same meals delivered to doors across the country.

Our Chi Dogs

  • Let us personalize a plan for your dog’s unique needs

    My dog is healthy

    Use Food Therapy to Stay Balanced!

    Find the Recipe which best fits your dog's characteristics.

    My dog has a health need

    Use Food Therapy to Help Restore Balance!

    Find the best formulation to help your dog's health needs.

    Find the right formulation for your dog

    Frequently asked questions

    Have questions? We’re here to help.
    We should all eat clean foods. This means unprocessed high quality real food. A Whole Food Diet of human grade quality is far more healthy than kibble (hard dog food) or canned food. A Whole Food Eastern Medicine based diet goes farther to increase health and prevent disease. All living beings are unique and prone to specific problems. Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine’s Five Elements theory categorizes the personality traits and disease tendencies of us and our pets. Think of your Element as your Eastern Medicine genetic profile. Eating based on our Element helps to support us as individuals and keep us balanced (less prone to disease).
    Yes. Our recipes were formulated, by Dr. Susan Bohrer, based an Traditional Eastern Medicine concept of clean eating to prevent disease. We worked with Dr. Edward Moser, an experienced veterinary nutritionist, to balance our diets to meet and exceed AAFCO’s standards for all life stages, including the growth of large breed puppies. This means Chi Dog can be fed to all dogs, even growing puppies who will reach a mature weight of over 70 pounds.
    Whole foods are real foods. When you read an ingredient on a package, you should be able to see it in the food. Chi Dog uses human grade ingredients that we would eat, not feed grade ingredients as in kibble and canned dog foods. When our labels read beets, carrots, and peas, you can see, feel, and smell these ingredients in the food.
    Dog’s wild cousin’s diet of raw meat may be better than kibble if it is not processed. Eastern Medicine finds benefit in cooking. Lightly cooked fresh whole food ingredients are better to nourish. This is especially true for our sick, old, and young pets; any animal who is a little delicate. Raw meat may be fine if you are a young adult and have a lot Of “Qi” (pronounced Chi) to digest your food. If you want to feed more gently, lightly cooked whole foods are ideal. Just as we would give a baby apple sauce and an old person soup, cooking the food brings some energy into the food to help them digest. Eastern Medicine recognizes raw foods as appropriate for very healthy and strong patients but not good for a weaker patient. It is completely appropriate to supplement a Chi Dog diet with raw vegetable in our young to middle aged, disease free companions.
    No. We have supplemented our diets with Vitamin E (tocopherol) to help maintain the freshness of our diet and support your dog’s coat, healing and circulatory system.
    Carbohydrates are essential to living beings and can be found in grains and plants. They are an excellent source of stored energy in our dog’s diets. Processed carbohydrates, which are in most if not all kibble (dry dog food) recipes, are poor sources of nutrition. While carbohydrates from whole foods, as found in Chi Dog diets, are excellent sources of energy. As any healthy person knows, a fresh pasta and veggie salad is healthy, while processed mac-n-cheese in a box is not
    No one knows your dog better than you. If there is an ingredient which you feel is a problem for your dog, you can try another Element Diet based on ingredients you know are right for your dog. You are also welcome to reach out to Dr. Bohrer via our Contact Us form with your concerns and we will find the best food for your dog. Regarding allergies in general, Eastern Medicine would advise that an ingredient in a clean, unprocessed and whole food form may not bother your dog in the same way that it did in the processed, pro-inflammatory dog kibble (dry dog food) or canned food
    Our eco-friendly shipping boxes are lined with Green Cell Foam and packed with enough dry ice to ensure that your pet's meals; stay cool until midnight of your delivery day. If your pet’s meals arrive after this time frame or they are partially thawed, the meals are still safe to consume as long as the food is cool to the touch.